Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Brady Lately.

Here are few pictures of what Brady J has been up to & into lately.
This little personality is becoming quite large.
He's all boy
From eating mulch
to throwing toys in the toilet.
He is my little dream come true. 

He'll hate this at sixteen, when I show this around!

But, he always watches out for his mama. 

He's so excited about his two new teeth, that he tries to show them the best he can.

He even got a new truck for Christmas. 
Meet Tow-Mater.

He loves oranges, but don't take them away...
He'll show another strong personality trait.

He is my little man. 
He grabs my face and gives me kisses.
His dad is his best buddy.
And right now, Brian is building Brady his very own toy chest. 
And all these wonderful things bring me to my Big New Years Resolution.
Stay posted!

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