Tuesday, January 3, 2012

His Birth Week.

This picture was taken on Sunday. 
Not today.
Because today, we didn't leave the house.
It was just too chilly.

It's his birth week! His birthday is Friday the 6th. He'll be a whole year old.
It's obvious I'm in love with the boy, but everyday I find something new about him to fall in love with.
He's growing up. And talking back. Today, he screamed back at me when I said "no."
I held back my laugh.
He tried brushing my hair with a big wooden spoon.
We made cupcakes to celebrate his birth-week. We sat in the kitchen floor and ate one together. 
He's playing more often with Lilly and Diesel. They are so funny to watch.
He kept peeking into his new toy box.
We played with blocks and built a house.
He giggled a lot today.

I love this boy with all my heart and soul. 
Tomorrow he spends all day with his daddy.
Betcha they'll go out to play!

We're making sweet memories each day.
I always knew this is when life would really begin. 
When we had this precious soul to share it with.

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