Sunday, December 4, 2011

Movin' on up.

        This week happens to be an extremely exciting one. I'm moving into another room in Emmanuel's Salon. I'm moving upstairs where it's most quiet and calm. I have one huge room to myself. A fireplace, a beautiful loveseat, I'm thrilled! I'm so thankful for this opportunity to have my own salon within a salon. (Because by the looks of my crazy life, I don't see any time to pencil in opening my own place.) I've made my favorite chocolate oatmeal cookies tonight for a wonderful stylist who will be treating me to one of her services tomorrow...extensions! I've had them once before, and absolutely enjoyed every minute of this fun change. I love short hair, I love long hair, I love versatility. And this, friends, is why I'm in the business I'm in.
        This week, I'm working Monday & Wednesday only. Two very busy days, at that, but I've got to be rested up for Thursday. Because on Thursday, we are leaving for Charlotte. And from Charlotte, we are leaving for New York City, baby. And if at all possible, I will be coming home with the bright "I <3 NY" t-shirt that I should've grabbed the first time I visited. I'm looking forward to Rockefeller Center, Cold Weather, Christmas all around us, Phantom of the Opera, and even traffic. I can't wait to be in the center of all the wild hustle and bustle. On Friday, we'll be in heaven on earth. 
NYC, I've been dreaming of you. 


  1. ahhh yay!!! I hope you have so much fun! What do you have on your To Do list?

  2. Alexa, I'm so excited! I'm not quite sure of the to do list, I'm just along for the ride with my mother and sister in law :) Just so thrilled to get there!


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