Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Crazy Month.

It's that season again!
That chilly, comfy, cozy, crazy season.
Thanksgiving holiday really got to me last week. 2013 is almost over, but that's fine by me. It's been an exciting, mostly exhausting year learning life with two babies and work, then shifting to no work at all, (which meant more work) life at home, and learning more about myself as these two grow. 
A few things I've learned as a mother of two little ones...

First, two it is. Two is the magical number for us. 
Two is perfect, and two is plenty.
I hope I'm not speaking too soon.

 Second, I'm a doer. I love crossing things off my lists.
 I love to get things done and keep moving. 
And guess what. You can't always do these things with two babies.
 You just can't.

Third, I love to work. I love that good feeling, I'm pleased with my long day kind of exhaustion. I miss it already. The long hours, the funny requests, the many jobs that a hairstylist can do. We cocktail products, formulate color, we're your therapists, 
(you're ours too, you know) and on and on. 
It's amazing.
I love what I do, and I love the company, too.

My heart was torn between my love for work and my life at home.
You know what? The way time is passing, these precious babies will be both be in school before I know it... and back to work it is.
 Life at home has been a blessing, and the hardest thing 
physically and emotionally I have ever done in my life.
It's only been 4 months.
I'm still pushing through, some days are wonderful and others are just not.
God gave each of us unique gifts...and all the gifts you need to be a stay at home mom, like patience and the gift of being still 
(whatever that may be called)... 
I'm definitely a work in progress.
My husband has been a saint through it all. I wouldn't know where to begin. He has the all the patience that I lack. When I go weak, he takes charge. 
He's my hero.

The month of December is wild, and within two years it's 
become even more of a big deal.
Christmas on the 25th, Marcy's 1st birthday on the 26th, New Years day right before Brady's 3rd birthday on the 6th. The smartest thing seems to pace myself... Christmas shopping, birthday shopping, 
decorating, planning, lists galore!

How is shopping going for y'all? I made my list today and I was surprised!
I've got a LOT more to do than I thought...
Cyber Monday is tomorrow, whatever that really is...maybe I can find a good deal here or there while I sit in my pajamas. Dragging two kiddos out to look for Christmas gifts just ain't happenin' friends...

Today was the first day of the last month of the year. I hope you all actually enjoy this month! The music, the company, the lights, the food & drinks, 
the parties...
it can get a little wild, but just enjoy.
Every day, I'm waiting on little Marcy to take her first step. 
Brady's ready to start school.
It's flying by friends.
Enjoy this happy season!

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