Wednesday, December 11, 2013

No worries, mama.

      The past two days I've felt lucky to have the kept the kids alive and survived myself.
I can't tell if it's getting a little easier with both babies at the age they are 
...or if I'm just telling myself stories. 
One and three years.
We've had one wonderful year with this beautiful baby! She loves to be in the middle of it all. While we shopped today for birthday decorations, she screamed throughout the whole store. 
Not because she was mad or fussy. 
She was excited!  
I'm so thrilled that both babies have such strong personalities. 
...Which leads me to tell you that they're both 
Capricorns and yes, I definitely did my reading.
Things like "Capricorns carry the great strength of willingness to work hard and determination to succeed." and "Their ambition is boundless." 
...I'll take it.
Regardless of the things we choose to believe or not, 
raising babies is no simple task. 
It's no simple lifestyle. It's 100% selflessness and 100% sacrifice. 
They don't just become responsible, well-rounded adults 
because their sign says so.
Darn it.
But all while we try to be the parents we want to be, daily life happens and you feel like pure insanity.
It's making a complete fool of yourself in a store while you try to keep the baby happy and your toddler in the buggy. (Cart. Whatever.) You're trying to pay in line and your phone rings. You remember you had a coupon. Where the heck did it go... Your kid is carrying on a conversation with someone behind you, the baby just saw you reach in your purse and there was her bottle. She's hungry. She screams.
You're a lunatic. 

Life is crazy and life is good.
My husband made me laugh today when I told him
 I put a grand dent in my car.
It's the little things. The crazy days. The big whoops...
Tis' the season for the crazies.
With the easy days and the tough ones, 
 God created us to be dependent on Him. Always.
So, life is good. Life is wonderful because even in the middle of the chaos, it's our opportunity to call for Him. Through beautiful moments, truly difficult times, or even making a 
family scene in a store...even that. 
Even the tiny things take a toll after so long. 
It's called gray hair. 

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