Friday, January 17, 2014

Living with Intention.

    Between December and this very second, 
life has been a whirlwind. 
I read that "Type A's" are very sensitive to stress... I assume you understand
 how "Type A" I am by now. 
I know, I hate it too. 

December held for our family, like everyone else, a lot
Life intensified, packed all into one month.
Christmas was wonderful.
Birthdays were wonderful.
Being with family was wonderful. 

The kids birthday party was great. I was exhausted, and I'm sure all my wonderful family that helped was too. My babies are just growing so fast! I am l o v i n g  it though...growing independence is slowly happening to both of them, and I can't even tell you how much I embrace that. No huge diaper bag, no formula, bottles, burp cloths and bibs to tote around. Hallelujah!!!!
Marcy's learning to walk. 
Brady acts like he's 25.
 He thinks she's his child. 
They love each other and it's a beautiful thing.

2014 is the year. 
Today I had a heart to heart with someone about
living with intention. 
Intention, from the very small things to the reason why we are alive.
It affects every decision we make from the 
breakfast we eat to how our children are raised.
Intention is a powerful word. 
It gives purpose to our lives, and it molds our character.
Why we do the things we do.
Why we don't do the things we did.

I've been praying for new beginnings, discernment in relationships, 
but most importantly, 
I've prayed for my heart to be filled with God.
God is changing this family and it's amazing.
He has surrounded me with friends that love Him, 
that encourage with love and support for each other.
I am forever thankful for His grace.

Being intentional takes effort. It takes will and drive. It's not lazy. It doesn't make excuses. It leaves behind the unnecessary and embraces truth. 
It hurts me to see people I love turn their faces 
against what they know is right.
It's a decision we all make. I know why that path is chosen. 
It's easy. It's "normal". 
It's an excuse.
I must sound awful right now, right? 
Not one person alive is perfect.
 God didn't create us to be successfully independent. 
We need Him.
This year, I've made a promise to myself to live intentionally. From communicating with God, to the relationships I keep dear to my heart, to the food I prepare for my family. Everything.
 Because a decision is a decision whether you choose the right path or wrong. 
It would be foolish to choose the wrong path just because. 

There are things that stick with you that you'll never forget. 
Conversations with folks that just stood out to you. 
Those talks can remind you who you are.
They'll remind you what you stand for,
and you're faced with a decision to say the right thing or the wrong.
 and you can confidently walk away knowing that you may very well be headed a different direction than they are. Still, love. Forgive.
But move on confidently.
Making the decision to live in the Light doesn't just happen.
I've learned it's intentional. And you will be blessed.

I'm looking forward to a beautiful year.
And I'm thanking God for holding our family in His hands.

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