Saturday, July 21, 2012

Her Name & My Dreams.

    For those of you ladies who are quirky like most, you’ve always practiced writing your name, right? Over and over. Either to pass time, or dreaming of the when that special someone came along, you practiced your name...with a new last name. You would tilt your head at it, and see if you’d feel any different after writing it. Like maybe it’d really happen one day. (If you’ve never done this, please don’t consider me crazy...) It’s just one of those funny little things...once it's written on paper, it sort of comes to life. I wrote “Brady Jameson” many times, and it just felt right, every time. But this time, I had a feeling deep inside a little girl might join our family... So I grabbed a pen and paper.
         Her name will be Marcy Lane. She'll have a big brother who will teach her all sorts of things. He'll throw his arm over her shoulder and keep her safe. She’ll have a daddy to shower her with hugs and kisses and take her on adventures. She'll want to marry someone just like him one day. Her Prince Charming. She'll sit in my lap while I braid her hair and tell her stories. Maybe she’ll giggle when Brady tells her she’s pretty! She’s a lucky little lady with a beautiful future ahead. 
     So here comes August...the month of the “move.” Moving three rooms to make a special one for Marcy. Our family has grown into something only God could've created, and no dream of mine could've imagined. Brady showers me with kisses like Marcy will do to her daddy. His heart will melt for his daughter. And this, I can't wait to see.  

     So, what did I do first? Gathered inspiration, of course! Pretty little girl things and dreams of a nursery. Here are a few things that tickled my fancy... 

A cozy, calm and neutral nursery. 
(Truth be told, I still can't stomach the thought of PINK.) 

This is Brady J & Marcy Lane. Best of friends.
(I'm dreaming, yes.)

The fun thing is...That our children will have our initials.

Brian Johnson
Brady Jameson
Morgan Lacey
Marcy Lane

As my tummy grows, and we're painting her bedroom, we're remembering that January 7th is just around the corner. So much to do! Such little time! We will soon be a complete family of FOUR! 
Not as often as I should, I've thanked the Lord for the life He's given our family. 
I didn't know it was possible to be this happy.

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