Sunday, May 25, 2014

Family Days and Water Food.

I spent yesterday with my babies on the lake. 
With family that is wonderful enough to have us over for the day to enjoy the sunshine and laughter and food and missed time together. This time I have missed with my family, 
and I'm so very thankful to share that with my kids.

No doubt, a day around water is 
definitely a day full of snackin'. 
I mean, all day long.
You know, water food. Call me crazy, but there's the type of food you're supposed to eat on the lake. My favorite from yesterday was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a Dr. Pepper. 
You know, that kind of food.

We also snacked on this, which is my
 favorite summer "throw-together" recipe...
My favorite salsa. I first found a recipe in Southern Living as a spring salsa recipe a couple years back, and I've changed it so much, 
that it just is what it is. 
But it's good, I promise.

 here's what you need…

one can petite diced tomatoes (28oz)
one can white shoepeg corn, drained (11oz)
one can blackbeans, drained and rinsed (15oz)
half red onion, diced
fresh cilantro (I chopped half a bundle store bought)
1 tsp/tbsp (how much do you looove garlic..) minced garlic 
1 tbsp (or more!) diced jalapeño
juice of half a lime
sea salt to taste
adding a little taco seasoning to the mix is great too!

I love it with chips, on top of my burger, on top of grilled fish, on top of my omelette, 
in a crockpot with chicken... 
Make a triple batch of salsa and throw it in gallon sized freezer bags with chicken breasts, and freeze for an EASY make ahead crockpot meal. Salsa chicken is another favorite of mine!!
(I could talk forever about food…)

This is just my favorite. 
I make it a million times during the summer!

I hope you all enjoy your beautiful memorial weekend relaxing and loving on friends and family. 

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