Sunday, May 12, 2013

How I love these children.

I'm blogging from the iPad for the first time, so if this all looks a bit funny, that's why. That's because Brady has done something funny to the computer that we can't quite figure out yet.
It's a happy Mothers Day simply because I'm home with my family, exactly what my heart desires. 

   As far back as I can remember, I never really had the urge to become famous, to become a doctor or a lawyer, or anything of the sort. I suppose it's because I looked up to mom as, well, a mom...and sort of always kept it with me. I thought a woman's job was to keep a clean house, meals on the table, and take care of her children while dad was gone to work. No, it's definitely not the most glamorous of careers, but it's what I saw, so it's what I know. Never once did I wake up and say, "One day, I'll be a hairstylist" either. I somehow fell into these roles because of my unrecognized passion for creativity and opened my eyes to the importance of a child's upbringing. So, now I'm here doing a lot of both and juggling every other "side" job in the meantime. Meaning, we also have two dogs that need more attention than we're giving right now. It's not something Brian and I need to sit down and discuss, it's understood how much we once loved these dogs and now, we're simply too busy to love them like they deserve. Anyone looking for a curly-haired lap dog named Lilly or a very protective gentle giant named Diesel, I'm all ears. To a good home, that is. 

   Anyway, there's something about the month of May that has always brought the "changing of seasons" far beyond the temperature. Two Mays, two years apart we shared the life changing news of beginning parenthood. Lately, I've been feeling something new on it's way. Something exciting and also life changing. If you've been following my blog, you understand where my heart belongs. Brian and I rarely sit down to talk, maybe because we're too busy, maybe because we roll along easily taking things as they come. It's been three days ago that we sat outside, late and after dark, discussing our lives like a timeline. My heart belongs to my family. I've always been one to follow my heart because first listening to my heart, second, using my head, along with hard work and determination has never once let me down. That's how I became a hairstylist, you know.

   The road ahead, believe me, will have it's challenging days, I know that for sure. Our lifestyle is about to change drastically. 
But I'm not attached to it, we'll be just fine.
My decision is for my children's sake. Brian gave the best word of advice "it's all about long term, Morgan." So here we go. I want our children to be raised the wisest way I know. I want Brady and Marcy to understand responsibility, learn selflessness, and use their resources, because there are plenty that we've yet to take advantage of. I want them as adults to feel a need for necessities and not just luxuries. I want them to live experiences, not just buy them. To long for and enjoy God's gifts in life, and not waste their years with attachment to passing things. There's no guarantee they'll take any of this with them, but I'll remember that I've done everything I can as a mother to provide wisdom to these children for their adult life! That being said, I can ramble on forever...Brian and I have decided that I'll be a full time stay-at-home mother until these babies have started school. If you know me well, you know my job as a hairstylist has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. We're planning to begin our little journey towards the end of the summer. I'm not putting the scissors down forever, either. This is a few years (I myself have witnessed the incredible speed at which time passes) at the very most. 

  We're stepping out on faith and a strict budget, believing our income and patience can stretch far beyond what it ever has. I'm looking forward to this as an adventure and a change of lifestyle, because I enjoy change, no matter the circumstance. I can adapt pretty well. Or so I think. 

Here's to a "new life" and the lessons we're bound to learn together along the way.
*Happy Mother's Day*



  1. Jennifer VickeryMay 12, 2013 at 1:48 PM

    Morgan that is the sweetest thing I have read in a long time. I will def be going dark the next time we see each other and I will miss our conversations and your sweet spirit. Love you and on this journey you will have the sweetest and funniest rewards and you will get paid in hugs and kisses which are worth more than money can buy!

  2. I hope to be as wonderful of a mom as you are someday! :) So inspiring! You are so selfless and loving and your children will look back and be so proud of their mama! xoxo!

  3. Morgan you are a beautiful writer. Keep that in mind for a possible future endeavor. You will not regret your time with those babies and they will reap huge benifits by having you with them all the time. The best time of my life was when I was home with my kids and I miss that tiresome but fulfilling job. Seriously the happiest time of my life. Proud of you!!!


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